Sudden Thoughts – You Don’t have to Run So Fast

There is a power growing in your chest and for a second you try not to breathe because it feels like that breath would just…

…be. too. much.

And now its light again and you’re smiling

You don’t know why, you just are


Sudden Thoughts – Words

You can see the words but they are distant, blurry…it’s too dark where they are that you aren’t a hundred percent sure that they are, in fact, the right words.

“Don’t worry, I understand.”

This dungeon, you’ve been trying to get out and you’ve been making progress but you still struggle. It’s so dark in here, sometimes there are little rays of light that come in through the barred windows, but a lot of the times the clouds block the light, so you can’t see anything. It’s dark again and you need to be patient and stay awake long enough that you see those rays of light again. It’s complicated, it’s confusing for you, so you know it’s confusing for her. You’ve explained this though.